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    11 Ways to Make Your Caravan Feel More Homely

    English coast

    Whether you’re holidaying in someone else’s caravan or have your own that you annually take out across the country, there are plenty of things you can do that will make your caravan feel more like your own home. From bringing your favourite things from home to throwing down a doormat, here’s everything you can do to make your caravan feel more homely:

    1. Accessorising with soft furnishings

    Soft furnishings can refer to anything from cushions to sofa throws. Having soft furnishings sturne around the place can make your caravan look and feel a bit more cosy. Sometimes, caravans can feel sterile, especially if it’s one that you’ve rented out for the summer season, but by bringing a few scatter cushions and chunky throw or blanket, you’ll be sure to make your caravan feel more like home, whether it’s your caravan or someone else’s.

    2. Installing a television

    It might sound like something simple, but a lot of caravans don’t come equipped with a television. This is mainly because those who like to go on caravanning holidays are more concerned with seeing the outdoors and everything else the area has to offer.

    In this case, the caravan is simply used as a place to sleep, eat and wash, so a television is rarely something that’s going to be a priority, but it can make all the difference when it comes to making a caravan feel more like home. You’re also likely to find it even more useful if you have children because entertaining them often involves more than just typical holiday activities.

    3. Enabling internet access

    Much like the television, having internet access isn’t considered to be a priority when having a caravanning holiday. For some, in fact, the reason for going on a caravanning holiday is to get away from everyday life, including taking a break from work and social media. Short of turning off your phone, the next logical thing to do is holiday without internet access.

    However, if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no signal, then internet access could be a life-saver. Not only can you make wi-fi calls, but it’ll also enable you to check maps and keep tabs on your bank balance, to name a few things. It can also be helpful, again, if you have children because they might want to watch a few minutes of their favourite television show or play some games.

    4. Getting an awning

    An awning on your caravan will add extra space that you probably didn’t even know you needed. This is the perfect option for caravans that are more compact in size or if you prefer to have your morning coffee in the great outdoors. It also helps to protect your caravan from the elements as well as allowing you to enjoy your outside space without being rained on.

    Where this is something you can do to your own caravan, it’s down to the discretion of the owner if you’re renting it from someone else for the summer. It might be handy to leave a recommendation or suggestion for the caravan owner to enable them to make it a more useful space in the future.

    5. Hanging some pictures

    If this is your own caravan and you plan on staying there for some time, then hanging your own pictures and photographs can make the world of difference in terms of making your caravan feel more like home. Even if it isn’t your caravan, you’ll still be able to set some photos down in a frame that allows them to be placed on a surface. This is something that’s worthwhile doing if, as already touched upon, you plan on staying there for a considerable time even if it’s not your own caravan.

    6. Fitting soft lighting

    Where you won’t be able to change the light fittings or lightbulbs in a caravan you’re renting, if you own one, then it’s something worth considering. If you don’t want to change the light fittings or get new, softer lightbulbs, then you could have a small table lamp instead. As a smaller light source, you’ll find that it will make your caravan feel more cosy and, most importantly, homely.

    7. Creating the smell of home

    Everyone has scents that they absolutely love to have in their own homes. Whether it be foodie or floral and everything in between, an amazing smell can make all the difference when it comes to staying in, what is supposed to be, a home away from home. Whatever scent you have in your own house, try and emulate this in your caravan. Refrain from burning candles, however, but definitely invest in a reed diffuser or some plug-in scent releasers.

    8. Doing some redecorating

    This isn’t really something you can do if it’s not your caravan, but like with the awning, you could make a recommendation after your visit. However, if it’s your own caravan, then giving it a lick of paint or installing a more modern kitchen is something you can do to make your caravan feel more homely. So much so, you might never want to leave at the end of the summer season.

    9. Bringing some favourite things from home

    If you have some things at home that make you feel comforted and cosy, then be sure to bring them with you when you visit your caravan over the summer. Whether it’s your own caravan or someone else’s, then bringing your own favourite things from home can make it feel a lot more cosy and comfortable, especially if you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time there.

    10. Taking board games & movies

    If having the internet installed or putting in a television doesn’t sound like something you would want to do, but you’re looking to keep your children, or even yourself, entertained by other means, then bringing some DVDs and board games from home will make all the difference.

    No matter how old you are, board games can be extremely engaging, as can some of your favourite movies. It’s ideal to prepare, entertainment wise, when going on a caravanning because there could be some days where it persistently rains and outdoor activities are no longer appropriate. At least you’ll have something to do indoors that’ll keep the whole family entertained.

    11. Putting a doormat down

    This is a simple-yet-effective thing to do when it comes to making your caravan feel more like home. This is because a doormat is something we have in our houses to prevent debris being carried throughout the property and this is something that can be continued into the caravan you own. You don’t want anyone to traipse mud across your caravan, much like how you wouldn’t want that to happen in your own house.

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    • We called in to get the sofa back/bed base infill on our Pulsar made thicker. I just wanted to let you know that we slept in the camper last night and the bed is now really comfortable.
      I can't believe we've spent over 300 nights over two and a half years building the middle of the bed up with blankets and even an inflatable camping mat!
      I don't know why we didn't think of coming to you sooner.....well worth the trip. As previously, the service from all your staff was excellent and Brett did a perfect job for us.
      We can leave the camping mat and blankets at home now, and Vince can make the bed up in half the time with none of the palaver! - Moira Stroud

      Ms Stroud

    • Hi, Just wanted to say how pleased we are with our motorhome carpets 😊 nice to deal with a “ can do” company for once!
      Reasonable cost and a very good job, so thanks again - Mrs D Stainsby

      Mrs Stainsby

    • Rose and myself, would like to thank everyone at Regal Furnishing for doing such a professional job on our Auto Trail Tracker.
      Thanks again.
      Always keep smiling God bless all - Rose and Ken Taylor

      Mr & Mrs Taylor

    • Hi Just to thank you and let you know that we have now had a couple of weeks away in our caravan (Abbey Dorset 2000) and found the new cushions to be extremely comfortable seats and as a bed sleeping was sound.
      Still can't believe it was done in less than a day.
      The service was excellent. Would not hesitate to recommend you.
      Thanks to all once again.
      James Thomson

      Mr Thomson

    • What a marvellous job you have done reupholstering our Caravan cushions. We are extremely pleased with the result.
      Best wishes
      John & Joyce Welsh

      Mr & Mrs Welsh

    • Thank you so much for the brilliant job you have done, we are so pleased. It has been a pleasure to have done business with such lovely people, thankyou once again.
      Merry Christmas & Best Wishes

    • Hi,
      I had my camper (Mercedes Sprinter) upholstery done by you guys ! I found the whole experience fantastic, Mick help us choosing material and gave us much needed advise, all the workers were friendly and polite, office staff were also helpful, friendly and very efficient.
      I would highly recommend Regal Furnishing Ltd !!!

      Thank you very much, keep up the good work. (not many companys left like yours!)
      John Morrison

      Mr Morrison

    • Top quality service, top quality staff who are very helpful, even supplied and covered a cushion we never knew was part of the furnishings, the whole experience was brilliant from start to finish, 5 stars, well done Mick and his team - Mr Brazier

      Mr Brazier

    • REGAL FURNISHING. WOW!!, WOW!! Great service, we came to look at the vast range of fabrics for our Eura Mobil 810 for a full re-upholstery, very hard to choose as there are so many, we took our time and we were left to choose. We finally decided on a fabric refit. After making our choice we booked in for the refit, being very popular there is a short wait, we did not mind, because getting a great job was the most important.
      However when we got home, and after looking at some of the refits in leather, we turned up to see Mick again, saying "we had changed our minds" and then decided to go for the full leather refit.
      Nothing was a problem for Mick and his excellent team, he went through every stage of the work to be carried out, making special notes of things we wanted, and the things we did not.
      Our van is quite large and we left it at Regal Furnishings in the very secure compound.
      The work was carried out in a very timely manner, and ready for us to collect on the given time and date.
      The surprising thing for us apart from the excellent job of work, was Mick's attention to detail, and actually getting the job done to a very tight budget .
      There are plenty of upholsterers out there, but one that specialises in motor homes, that has secure parking for overnight stops if needed, are few and far between!
      The reviews for regal are exemplary and we had no doubt who would be doing our refit.
      Mick had even matched the curtains and the overhead cab bed.
      We would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Regal Upholstery to our family and friends - David Bosworth

      Mr Bosworth

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      The complete process was perfect, nice people, nice job, and the weather was nice too. I’ll go back as and when required. Many thanks - W D

      W D

    • Had our upholstery and curtains replaced yesterday. Our 11 year old Apache Autotrail now looks as good as new. Mick and the team at Regal are amazing. Their attention to detail is phenomenal and they are a really friendly group of people. We shall be recommending them to everyone - Beverley Porrett

      Ms Porrett

    • Excellent friendly service. We only had a small job done, a padded end panel for our motorhome. Not only was the cost so reasonable they did a fabulous job and although it was a low cost job we received impeccable service by Mick. Thank you so much for the lovely job you did for us 😊 - Bridget Bales

      Ms Bales

    • Excellent lovely job many thanks to the team - Kim Gough

      Ms Gough

    • Excellent happy management and employees - Sylvia Williams

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    • The best in the country. Service is fantastic and quick. Good selection of materials to choose from professional advice and always happy smiling staff - Katarzyna Thorp

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      It has made our 14 year old caravan better than when it was brand new!
      Great choice of fabric and foam - Could have leather in choice of colours too.
      Got a few quotes from other companies but Regal furnishings are by far the best - Jane Hutch

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