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    Your 15-Step Winter Caravan Checklist

    It is probably safe to say that the summer is behind us and for the next few months, the beach is off limits. If you’re the proud owner of a caravan or motorhome, it may be time to say goodbye for the winter.

    But what do you do with your prized possession? You want to be sure that it is safe and ready to go when called upon. Before you let your caravan enter hibernation mode, there are a few things you can do to help it through the harsh season.

    1. Choose a Place to Keep Your Vehicle

    If you’re not keeping your vehicle on your own property, you’ll need to decide where it’s going to spend the next few months. Pick out a safe place. Either one you know is secure, or a member of the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association.

    The CaSSOA work towards keeping caravans secure. You’ll easily be able to find your closest member using their website.

    2. Consider Static Positioning

    If you’ve decided on where your motor is going to live for the next while, take a simple look around and check for things like trees with falling branches, uneven grounds and anything else that can affect your vehicle.

    If you’re satisfied that there isn’t a massive problem, then nothing else is required. If not, you’ll probably have to reconsider your approach.

    3. Check the Gas

    Make sure that your gas supplies are removed. You don’t want them to get frozen. Take any cylinders away and store them in a sensible place until you need them.

    Remember to keep them in an upright position, away from ignition sources and in a well-ventilated area.

    4. Let it Breathe

    Let air inside so the climate isn’t unbearable when you get back in. It’s easily enough done simply by leaving any vents open. You can also combat condensation whilst you’re at it.

    You can buy cheap dehumidifier products in plastic tubs but they will need throwing out when done with. Only use these if you’re revisiting your vehicle over the winter. Alternatively, you can leave bowls with a little salt in them around the caravan.

    5. Look for Window Quality

    Take a look at your windows, checking for anything that needs fixing. The main thing to keep an eye out for is any seals that have come loose, fallen off or obviously need replacing.

    If you find anything, it’s probably best to get it sorted right away. The cold freeze, followed by a big thaw can further damage any issues.

    6. Remove Batteries if Necessary

    If your vehicle battery isn’t part of your alarm system, take it out and keep it in a dry place over the winter. You might even want to take batteries out of clocks and the like to preserve their shelf life.

    Charge batteries as you see fit and make sure they’re ready to go when you are. Just make sure you don’t forget you’ve taken the 12V battery out before trying to go and explore the countryside!

    7. Sort out Your Water

    Water is, of course, liable to freeze when the temperature drops to zero. Take out water filters to avoid damage and put the plug in the sink and shower. This will help units to stay healthy and not have to deal with freezes.

    There are products out there that can drain water completely. These may be worth investing in if you’re majorly concerned.

    8. Secure Electrics

    Electrics should be turned off anyway but have a second look just to make sure. This is especially important if you’ve driven to a storage site.

    Your caravan to tow socket should be cleaned. You can then use a bit of petroleum jelly to coat it and safeguard against water damage.

    9. Flush the Toilet

    Your toilet can be affected by the cold but an empty and flush of the waste tank should be the perfect solution. An extra trick is to splash a little olive oil on opening blades and leave them open.

    This will allow for maximum preservation of your lavatory.

    10. Clear the Fridge

    Not a fun task but a vital one if you don’t want to walk into a cloud of stink when your open the doors. Clear out the fridge and turn it off.

    Clean it out too, the same way you would do in the kitchen. It’s much better than returning to a horrible, gone-off stench.

    11. Take Out Your Furnishings

    There are two benefits to removing your cushions for the winter. The first one is that they can become cold. Older, more worn upholstery may deteriorate further.

    Secondly, a motorhome without furnishings is less attractive to thieves.

    12. Clean Your Awning

    If you have an awning or canopy that you use with your vehicle, clean it. There are a number of products readily available depending on the material of your covering.

    Do your best to get rid of stains and spots and store it in a dry space when finished.

    13. Ensure Your Protective Cover Is Suitable

    If you choose to place a cover over your caravan or motorhome, check the properties. Primarily, you want to be making sure that it is made from breathable material.

    If it isn’t, it may be accommodating for condensation and mould growth. This can affect both the cover and your vehicle.

    14. Clean It Up

    You won’t find many better opportunities to give your vehicle a really good clean. Take the chance to keep everything in order.

    There’s also the great benefit of being able to step into a tidy environment when it comes to revisiting the vehicle.

    15. Enhance Security

    If your caravan is going to be laying in one spot for a few months, you’ll want it to be as secure as possible. Remove anything of value including electrics and install products such as locks and alarms.

    Even things as simple as stickers from the manufacturer of these products can be huge, visual deterrents for thieves and intruders.

    See You on the Other Side

    With a little bit of thought and know-how, your motorhome can rest easy during the coldest part of the year. If you’ve done everything right, you can save money on repairs and maintenance and have a beautiful vehicle waiting for you on the other side of winter.

    Everybody here at Regal Furnishing wishes you luck!

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      I can't believe we've spent over 300 nights over two and a half years building the middle of the bed up with blankets and even an inflatable camping mat!
      I don't know why we didn't think of coming to you sooner.....well worth the trip. As previously, the service from all your staff was excellent and Brett did a perfect job for us.
      We can leave the camping mat and blankets at home now, and Vince can make the bed up in half the time with none of the palaver! - Moira Stroud

      Ms Stroud

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      Mrs Stainsby

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      Thanks again.
      Always keep smiling God bless all - Rose and Ken Taylor

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      Still can't believe it was done in less than a day.
      The service was excellent. Would not hesitate to recommend you.
      Thanks to all once again.
      James Thomson

      Mr Thomson

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      Best wishes
      John & Joyce Welsh

      Mr & Mrs Welsh

    • Thank you so much for the brilliant job you have done, we are so pleased. It has been a pleasure to have done business with such lovely people, thankyou once again.
      Merry Christmas & Best Wishes

    • Hi,
      I had my camper (Mercedes Sprinter) upholstery done by you guys ! I found the whole experience fantastic, Mick help us choosing material and gave us much needed advise, all the workers were friendly and polite, office staff were also helpful, friendly and very efficient.
      I would highly recommend Regal Furnishing Ltd !!!

      Thank you very much, keep up the good work. (not many companys left like yours!)
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      However when we got home, and after looking at some of the refits in leather, we turned up to see Mick again, saying "we had changed our minds" and then decided to go for the full leather refit.
      Nothing was a problem for Mick and his excellent team, he went through every stage of the work to be carried out, making special notes of things we wanted, and the things we did not.
      Our van is quite large and we left it at Regal Furnishings in the very secure compound.
      The work was carried out in a very timely manner, and ready for us to collect on the given time and date.
      The surprising thing for us apart from the excellent job of work, was Mick's attention to detail, and actually getting the job done to a very tight budget .
      There are plenty of upholsterers out there, but one that specialises in motor homes, that has secure parking for overnight stops if needed, are few and far between!
      The reviews for regal are exemplary and we had no doubt who would be doing our refit.
      Mick had even matched the curtains and the overhead cab bed.
      We would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Regal Upholstery to our family and friends - David Bosworth

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      The complete process was perfect, nice people, nice job, and the weather was nice too. I’ll go back as and when required. Many thanks - W D

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    • Excellent friendly service. We only had a small job done, a padded end panel for our motorhome. Not only was the cost so reasonable they did a fabulous job and although it was a low cost job we received impeccable service by Mick. Thank you so much for the lovely job you did for us 😊 - Bridget Bales

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    • Excellent happy management and employees - Sylvia Williams

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      It has made our 14 year old caravan better than when it was brand new!
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